Welcome to Guinea Pig Savvity

Whether you're an expert in guinea pigs or just recently got to know this world, we want you to feel welcome in our community. This community is meant as a meeting point for all cavy-enthusiasts, where we can discuss everything guinea pig, share opinions and experiences and much more. Hopefully you will learn something new - or teach others - about guinea pigs here.

Two users eager to learn more…

The hostess

My name is Emmy, and I have been the hostess of Guinea Pig Savvity since it launched in early 2018. I live in Sweden. I used to have a bunch guinea pigs back in 2009, but unfortunately don't anymore. I would love to have some in the future though!

You can contact me if you have any questions about the community, or if you'd like to just chit-chat for a bit.

Our moderators

So far, we unfortunately do not have any moderators here at Guinea Pig Savvity. If you feel like it would be a perfect fit for you, feel free to reach out to us.

Be sure to read the Rules of conduct before you write anything in the forums.

If you have any questions regarding Savvity and/or its functions, you should go to Support, where you can ask these questions and get them answered.

/Emmy, hostess